Oliwia and Nadia’s poem

I had a fly in my eye and it nearly made me cry,

So I went to a guy he said hi and sent me to Dubai

and so I said bye.


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Snow White 100wc Oliwia

Once lived a girl named Snow White. One day she found a little cottage in the forest. Snow White wandered in. She needed a rest after a long walk to the forest, as she went inside she scrambled up stairs she discovered 7 mini beds in a large jam-packed room. Meanwhile some dwarves came back from work and wanted to get to sleep as fast as possible. When they found Snow White sleeping in their beds. Once they found out who she was and where she’d come from Snow White lived with them. One day a witch gave her a poised apple and she turned into a… TOAD.


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100WC The gorilla

“Yes” I yelled staring at the grand, breath-taking house I was going to stay in while at my grandma’s. I leaped into the house throwing my brown, rough coat on the soft carpet. “Hi granny” I bellowed. I scrambled to the wardrobe to unpack. To my surprise in it lay a pink, unique bicycle. Struggling I hauled the bike downstairs .”So fun I laughed. BANG I fell to the floor. Exhausted, worried, confused I hobbled through the green, lush bushes. A shiver ran down my spine. Where was I? Was I safe? Was I lost? My head hit something hard. There in front of me was a gorilla as black as coal…


Oliwia’s 100WC week#18

I had just moved in to my new house.  In the garden was a shed. When I looked at the mysterious, unique shed there was a pair of pink, worn out ballerina shoes. I wandered who’s they were so I decided to spend the night in the shed. I got my sleeping bag and snuggled up in my blanket. Then I heard a noise. I crept across the old floorboards to the back of the shed. There in the corner sat a gnome. A garden gnome, I screamed with fright .But then the gnome lifted his head and handed me THE BOOK OF GNOME…


Oliwia’s 100WC

“Mum,what’s for pudding?” I called hopefully.

“Custard!”My mum answered.

“Yes!”I screamed and ran to the kitchen table.The next thing I knew I stuck my silver spoon into the crumbly custard and stuck it in my mouth.The custard tasted like one thousand fireworks exploding in my mouth, like ten thousand shooting stars piercing through my pink sensitive tongue. It tasted as if forty thousand elephants in high heels were scurrying over my gums. It seems like fifty daggers were stabbing my teeth. It was so awful. How would you feel if you had to taste this?