Fantastic fractions…

These look great, but I’ve spotted two mistakes on the blue display. Can you find them?

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More fraction fun…

Great work.  It’s difficult to read the denominator on the fraction with the numerator 24.  Can anyone tell me what the denominator will be for the fraction to be equivalent to 0.75?

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Lots of fun interactive times table games…

Visit the Woodlands interactive times table games site for lots of fun ways to improve your quick recall of times table facts.

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Help improve your quick recall of tables…

tables game

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2D and 3D shapes


Click on the image above to be taken to a website with more information about 2D and 3D shapes.  Click on the shape you want to find more about then explore the buttons at the bottom of the page for more information.  If you click on the ‘Next’ button on 3D shapes you can investigate the properties of each shape by rotating it on screen and viewing its net.

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I love maths. I have learnt a lot about 3D and 2D shapes and also throughout the year all of that education really helped me with the test I would of not got a lot of marks in my test if we didn’t learn all them things and I bet it helped all of the class as well.

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3D shapes

I learnt about vertices, edges and faces in the lesson what we did about shapes. It was brilliant. Thank you for teaching us that Mr London.


Bus stop method division

Click here to practise some friendly or fiendish bus stop division.

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Countdown maths challenge


Well done to Jake, AJ and Alana B in 5L who managed to reach the target numbers in the countdown numbers games today.  Can you solve the problem above?  Add a comment with your calculations if you can. Remember you can only use each number once.  Click on the picture above and click on ‘numbers’ if you want to practise.


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