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Naomi 100WC week#19

One ordinary day I woke up as the sun shone on my face. I ran down the long, creaky stairs, my mum and dad were already down stairs my mum said” go and get ready we are going to visit the zoo” So I did, we got into the car and headed of. After a while, we were at the zoo we went to go and see the Gorillas. I went over to see the lonely gorilla and I named it Cookie.


I went to see him every day I laughed at him. Suddenly, crash bang help! I cried. In a flash the zoo keeper came over on a pink, grand bicycle she yelled what’s the matter she looked in to the dark cage and lay on the floor was the gorrila…


What is great about 5L’s blog…

I think that blogging is great because other people around the world can see how good Haveley Hey is and they can comment on our blog. Also they can see what we are learning about in our class. Everyone in 5L loves blogging and commenting on other peoples comments.

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