100wc has taken a break intill 20th of April

100WC has taken a break untill 20th of April. Keep your eye out for the next 100WC challenge. Let’s see how many people in our class can upload and entry. ┬áCome on lets do it!

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Sports Relief 2014

Sport relief is brilliant you get to save lives and donate to people in need. It was really fun yesterday me and Bobby were so tired after we did the 3 miles. It was great fun because all of the other people were cheering us on. What a great day!!!

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Chester Zoo

Yesterday we went to Chester zoo and it was brilliant. I saw amazing animals like apes, snakes, lions, tigers and lots of other animals. First of all my group went to a room where lots of ornaments were and we learnt about the Amazon and how a cockroach blends in an how it doesen’t get eaten from the predator. I learnt about that the largest snake in the world is an Anaconda.

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My Favourite Day

My favorite day is Friday because we go school in the morning then after school my grandad and grandma take me to football training, then I go to my grandads and play lots of games and have a takeaway then I go bed. I think that’s my best day of the week.

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I love football because my dad and my grandad got me into it. In the past I have played for lots of teams such as United, Burnley, Stockport Junior Blues, Benchill Celtic, Nj, Wythenshawe Town, Alderley United and Wimslow Town. I love football. Please comment I want to see what you think about football.

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I love trips because you can learn new experiences. My favourite trip was when I went to Gyhll Head and also the Chester trip where we learnt about the Romans. Comment back because I want to know what you think about trips. Thank you.



I love science because you can try new things out and you can try experiments as well. My favourite science experiment was the Roman sweat. I loved that experiment. Comment back because I want to know your favourite experiment. Thank you.



I love maths. I have learnt a lot about 3D and 2D shapes and also throughout the year all of that education really helped me with the test I would of not got a lot of marks in my test if we didn’t learn all them things and I bet it helped all of the class as well.

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Day for Change

I learnt that in Mexico that some parts of Mexico lots of children don’t have the right to an education. Also I learnt about what colours were on the Mexican flag. I loved the picture of the class with the Mexican flag. WOW! It was a wonderful day.

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The past couple of weeks 5L have all been aiming towards a target for the class to read 100 times in a week all without anyone missing there reading record on Friday or not read at all. If we hit the target we get 90 minutes golden time! We are only looking for the minimum 2 times read or more up to the maximum 10 times read. Last week we hit 136, but some people forgot their reading record. SO BRING YOUR READING RECORD IN ON FRIDAY AND GET READING so we can have golden time for the whole afternoon!