Dayondra 100wc week#19

On an ordinary day, I was eating my breakfast. Then I brushed my teeth and put my grand uniform on ready to go to school. I got my bicycle. I opened my door and…


Suddenly all I could see was an aggressive gorilla. Was I dreaming or was this actually happening. “AAGH! Someone help me.” There was a tiny gorilla wearing a pink too “WHOOAH !!!!” too so I laughed. Out of no weir jumped out a 15 foot gorilla and it didn’t look happy at all. “Just my imagination just my imagination, HELP!!!”


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Hot chocolate tasting market research.

It was a great privilege getting to try all of the hot chocolate. My favourite hot chocolate was the maltesers one. My least favourite one was the one from Aldi. Thank you Miss Khan for buying all of the hot chocolates and thank you Mr London.


Dayondra’s 100WC

One morning, I went downstairs. I made my breakfast and eaten it. I did some boring work. I wait until it was lunch time: I wonder what my lunch was? Finally I could get my hands on the mystery lunch. I got my pack lunch and all I could see was custard. I had some custard then the whole world changed. Everything (exept from me) was custard. Even if I touched something it would turn to custard. Was I dreaming or was this actually happening. If this was actually happening I couldn’t do anything. If this was a dream then I’ll be glad. What if it’s happening. AAGH SOMEONE HELP!