Day for Change

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Day for Change

I learnt that in Mexico that some parts of Mexico lots of children don’t have the right to an education. Also I learnt about what colours were on the Mexican flag. I loved the picture of the class with the Mexican flag. WOW! It was a wonderful day.

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Day for Change in Mexican colours


5L celebrate Day for Change in the colours of the Mexican flag.

Did you have a good day 5L?  It certainly looks like it!

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Day for Change comments


Day for Change – Mexico

Day for change is great because you can learn about different countries. Year 5 learned about Mexico and had to wear the colours of the flag. We learned that some schools in Mexico have really small classrooms and no boarder or decorations on the walls. I don’t think it is fair because we get nice schools in England and not everyone in Mexico does.

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Day for Change outfit

…sporting a hand-crafted Mexican flag t-shirt complete with all the details.  A very impressive effort here from this 5L pupil!

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I learnt that in Mexico schools don’t have as much money as we do. In thier classrooms they have less recourses and things to help them learn. It is hard for some children to get to school because in Mexico danger is always round the corner. Not all parts of Mexico are poor some are quit normal with schools like ours.

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Day for Change



What have you learnt about education in Mexico?  How is it similar or different from our education in England?


Day for Change 2014

day for change


Did you know about 68 million children around the world still don’t have access to education? UNICEF is working hard to change this and to show our support tomorrow Haveley Hey is celebrating Day for Change 2014. Each year group will be focusing on a different country and Year 5’s chosen country is Mexico, as it fits in nicely with our Aztec topic.  To raise money we are dressing up in the colours of the Mexican flag and spending time researching what it might be like to go to school in Mexico.  Click on the Day for Change picture to the left to learn more about UNICEF’s aim for the day.