Come on 5L we need more flags 6S are beating winning. Do what ever you can to get us more flags. Tell your parents to text their friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Come we can beat year six!



Reading tips

I’m a regular reader so if your not here’s some tips. When you get home read one or two books you don’t have to read 20. Then when you have finished straight away put your reading record back in your bag. Now put your bag near the door so in the morning you DONT forget it. Read every day and BRING IN YOUR READING RECORD!



What class pet would you like?

Do u like Maurice the monkey? Would u like a different pet? If so comment on this and tell me what pet you want.


Sports Relief 2014

Sport relief is brilliant you get to save lives and donate to people in need. It was really fun yesterday me and Bobby were so tired after we did the 3 miles. It was great fun because all of the other people were cheering us on. What a great day!!!

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Chester Zoo

Wednesday 26th of February year 5 went to Chester Zoo and had the most amazing time ever. We saw all kinds of tropical creatures and we learnt that cockroaches can walk up glass. I thought it was the best trip ever. The largest snake in the world is an anaconda. If I could go again I would sleep there its that amazing.



I learnt that in Mexico schools don’t have as much money as we do. In thier classrooms they have less recourses and things to help them learn. It is hard for some children to get to school because in Mexico danger is always round the corner. Not all parts of Mexico are poor some are quit normal with schools like ours.

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Bobby 100WC

The bright, hot sun was shining in the large, grand sky, so my family decided to book a hotel room up north for a couple of days. My little sister bought some new, pink shoes for a day like this. We slowly got out of the car admiring the hotels beauty. Oooooo aaarrr suddenly a large gorilla was climbing up the 60 feet tall building. He was launching all kids of things like tvs, plants and most bizar a kids bicycle.ARRR the gorilla was knoking down the hotel and then BOOM “no” my family was crushed. What will happen now? Where will I go?….


Blogging is great

I love blogging because it’s an amazing, clever way to get your work around the world. My class blog is great because if you write some work on it you get positive comments and sometimes thing you can improve. My friend posted a piece of writing and it has already had 7 positive comments!

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Bobby’s 100WC challenge week#18

I was just wandering round my old, damp shed when I saw two long, pink things. I decided to hang them up on the wooden roof with my web. Inside smelt horrific like a mouse has been eating cheese none stop for 20 years.”Muuuuuuuuummm theres a ugly spider in the shed”.

“Hey im not ugly you are”.”Kill it NOW.BANG. Sadly I got crushed and never thought of again. Still when I was in spider heaven I thought of hauting them till they die ,so they no not to kill a spider again.