Alana B

Visit to Chester Zoo

I can’t wait for our trip next Wednesday to Chester Zoo. I am looking forward to the Amazon Adventure workshop. I was so eager to go, I got my mum to sign my letter straight after school!



Always do your homework because you learn a lot about 100wc, 3D shapes and Romans. I know everyone has learnt a lot about homework and thinks it is awesome. Especially the tasks Mr London gives us.:]


Alana B’s 100WC week#19

I woke up this morning and went down stairs for a bowl of cookie crisp. when I went into the kitchen and there was a pink, large gorilla. Mum I screamed she came running down the stairs. What she asked there’s a pink gorilla on a bicycle in the kitchen eating your pizza. My mum put her head round the kitchen door. Ahh…


My mum fainted “mum the gorilla is sat anxiously in the corner of the kitchen . The gorilla was so scared. I went over to him. He was only trying to be friendly the gorilla smiled at me, so I laughed at him. my mum woke up and called the R.S.P.C.A to come to take the loving, grand gorilla back to the gorillarium.



Alana B 100WC week#19

I woke up this morning and went down stairs for a bowl of cereal and there was a pink gorilla. I was scared at first then it turned out that the gorilla was friendly because every time I looked at me the gorilla it smiled it also put its big fury arms out to give me a cuddle and it ended up as my best friend I loved him lots. so we laughed and decided to use our green bicycle to ride to school. my gorilla was the best thing ever was more than a grand to me. when rode he me to school I waved good by all ready to see him after my football club

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Alana B 100WC week#18

On the 26 of July me and Melissa, Alexandra and my Dad and Mum was going on holiday to Ibiza :]. when we arrived at the house there was a mysterious, wooden,old shed in the back garden mummm I screamed. There’s a creepy shed in the back garden and there’s a pair of dirty and worn out ballerina shoes in the window. I went in and all I could see was a ghost but it wasn’t it was the sole of the shed. Ahhhhh I fainted slowly I was never go back in that shed I promised myself I will never go back to Ibiza in my whole entire life.:[