Picture prompt 100WC

edit 1 Week #31

This intriguing picture is the prompt for the new 100WC this week. If you’ve not entered recently then why not have a go.

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Easter Egg Hunt

I woke up on Easter morning and I was really excited because we were having an Easter egg hunt. After I got dressed I raced downstairs to start the hunt. “Go”!!! said mum as me and  my niece and nephew raced to find all of the egg’s. But I couldn’t find the egg so I just left it and in the end all of the eggs collected by my niece and nephew were shared out. After we all went out for dinner in town and I got my face painted as a princess I also saw the Easter bunny (but I know he is not real).Before we went home I went on the fair and I had a go on a really horrifying ride.


100wc Week #29

As it is Easter weekend the prompt is:
…but I couldn’t find the egg…
Remember to use only 106 words and do read through your work before you post it to make sure it says what you think it should.
The form will close at midnight on Saturday 26th April.

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100WC Week #28

Here in the UK we have gone into ‘British Summer Time’. This means that we had to put our clocks forward which meant that we ‘lost’ an hour! The prompt this week is:

…but I thought I had enough time…

Please make sure you have uploaded your 100wc before Saturday 5th April to be in time for your post to be uploaded to the 100wc website. Good luck!

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Klaudiusz 100wc

When I went to the Night Zoo I saw louds of monsters so I hid in a crusty, rotten house with vines nearly everywere!I went to my friend that puts monsters in jail so I asked him to help me put these scary monsters in JAIL!He gave me a special water gun with water and tiny robots that goes into there skin and destroy the evil bacteria and they turn into a person so we went outside and shoot them and after that the evil world turned into a happy world and the monsters turned into the happy animals.


Snow White 100wc Oliwia

Once lived a girl named Snow White. One day she found a little cottage in the forest. Snow White wandered in. She needed a rest after a long walk to the forest, as she went inside she scrambled up stairs she discovered 7 mini beds in a large jam-packed room. Meanwhile some dwarves came back from work and wanted to get to sleep as fast as possible. When they found Snow White sleeping in their beds. Once they found out who she was and where she’d come from Snow White lived with them. One day a witch gave her a poised apple and she turned into a… TOAD.


Haveley Hey’s first showcased piece of work on 100WC

I would like to say a huge well done from everyone at Haveley Hey to Olivija for having her first 100 word challenge SHOWCASED! This is incredible Olivija and you should be very proud. 🙂 (more…)


100WC week#24

The prompt this week (week#24) is linked to World Book Day.  Your challenge is to turn your favourite fairy tale and re-write it in 100 words changing the ending.  Why not have a look at some of the examples on the site for inspiration?


Love writing? Have a go at the 100WC!

Your inspiration or ‘prompt’ for this week is the part of a sentence below. Please remember you must use it in your writing as it is. You can add 100 words to it. The prompt is:

….pushing through the earth….

If you haven’t had a go at the 100WC before, now is your chance! Post your 100 words on your class blog and your teacher will do the rest for you. Have a look at some of the entries that have already been submitted on the site Week#23 for some ideas.  You have until Saturday 1st March. Good luck!

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Alana B’s 100WC week#19

I woke up this morning and went down stairs for a bowl of cookie crisp. when I went into the kitchen and there was a pink, large gorilla. Mum I screamed she came running down the stairs. What she asked there’s a pink gorilla on a bicycle in the kitchen eating your pizza. My mum put her head round the kitchen door. Ahh…


My mum fainted “mum the gorilla is sat anxiously in the corner of the kitchen . The gorilla was so scared. I went over to him. He was only trying to be friendly the gorilla smiled at me, so I laughed at him. my mum woke up and called the R.S.P.C.A to come to take the loving, grand gorilla back to the gorillarium.