Smashing our reading record

We set our self a challenge to read one hundred times, so that we would get a whole afternoon golden time. So that day everyone brought there reading records in and had all read, so Mr London marked our books, so he could monitor how many times we read all together we had all read 113 times. Now that’s outstanding!

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5L you did it!

What a fantastic finish to Spring 2 5L. You set yourself a goal and you smashed it!  I am very proud of you 5L. With a lot of nagging from me, plenty of pester power from your classmates, lots of support from home, not to mention a large dollop of self determination and individual effort, we achieved our class target of reading over 100 times at home, even with two people off! Here’s the evidence to prove it…

reading scores

Now on to your next challenge!  We now know that everyone is capable of bringing in their reading record when they should and having at least some evidence that they have read, but is everyone truly a regular reader?  Less than half of the class hit the target average of 3.5 times. Summer’s challenge is for the whole class to become regular readers. For your afternoon off this time everyone will have to achieve an average of 3.5 or over by the end of term!


100wc has taken a break intill 20th of April

100WC has taken a break untill 20th of April. Keep your eye out for the next 100WC challenge. Let’s see how many people in our class can upload and entry.  Come on lets do it!

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Teri’s fantastic art work…

Teri's art work

You’ve shown some fantastic art skills here Teri.  Well done.


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Haveley Hey Readingselfies

Starting to look good Haveley Hey! Please email your readingselfie pictures to to be included.


100WC Week #28

Here in the UK we have gone into ‘British Summer Time’. This means that we had to put our clocks forward which meant that we ‘lost’ an hour! The prompt this week is:

…but I thought I had enough time…

Please make sure you have uploaded your 100wc before Saturday 5th April to be in time for your post to be uploaded to the 100wc website. Good luck!

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Parent feedback…

Following our official launch to parents this morning, we’d like to know what you think about our class blogs.  Please add a comment below with your thoughts and feedback.



Come on 5L we need more flags 6S are beating winning. Do what ever you can to get us more flags. Tell your parents to text their friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Come we can beat year six!



Regular readers

We need to turn everyone into regular readers!

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Klaudiusz 100wc

When I went to the Night Zoo I saw louds of monsters so I hid in a crusty, rotten house with vines nearly everywere!I went to my friend that puts monsters in jail so I asked him to help me put these scary monsters in JAIL!He gave me a special water gun with water and tiny robots that goes into there skin and destroy the evil bacteria and they turn into a person so we went outside and shoot them and after that the evil world turned into a happy world and the monsters turned into the happy animals.