Blogging rules

Blogging rules

Blog about whatever you like, whenever you like – but always consider – ‘would somebody like to read this?’

Here are some basic rules to follow:

1) Do not post any personal information (full name, address etc.). This also applies to photographs – do not post them unless you have asked permission. For example, if it’s Mum – ask before you put her on the internet!

2) Never give out your log in details to anyone.

3) Check the basics – punctuation and basic spellings should always be correct. No text speak!

4) ALWAYS tag your post with your first name, then words that are linked to that subject – for example; John, maths, angles

5) If you see anything that shouldn’t be on your screen, tell your teacher or parents immediately.

6) Only post things you think your audience would like to read.

7) Try and add a link if you can.

Borrowed with kind permission from St. Joseph’s Year 5 page.

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