Soaking up the half term rays…

What are you up to this half term?

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Premier League Reading Stars launch


Click here to go straight to the PLRS website to complete the online challenges.


Water Water Everywhere!

20140513_095944 20140513_100342 20140513_100950 20140513_100955 20140513_100912 20140513_100902

Water water everywhere, but it’s a long way from the other side of the playground to get some!

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Oliwia and Nadia’s poem

I had a fly in my eye and it nearly made me cry,

So I went to a guy he said hi and sent me to Dubai

and so I said bye.


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Narrative ending…


Year 5 @ Ghyll Head


Ghyll Head

Just a snapshot of some of the photos so far. I’m sure they’ll be many more to come. What a fantastic time Year 5 are having. You are doing yourselves and Haveley Hey proud. So many great stories to share already and we’ve still another half day to go!

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A happy 10th Ghyll Head birthday…


…celebrating her 10th birthday in style at Ghyll Head!  Hope you had a fantastic day.

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Picture prompt 100WC

edit 1 Week #31

This intriguing picture is the prompt for the new 100WC this week. If you’ve not entered recently then why not have a go.

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