5L you did it!

What a fantastic finish to Spring 2 5L. You set yourself a goal and you smashed it!  I am very proud of you 5L. With a lot of nagging from me, plenty of pester power from your classmates, lots of support from home, not to mention a large dollop of self determination and individual effort, we achieved our class target of reading over 100 times at home, even with two people off! Here’s the evidence to prove it…

reading scores

Now on to your next challenge!  We now know that everyone is capable of bringing in their reading record when they should and having at least some evidence that they have read, but is everyone truly a regular reader?  Less than half of the class hit the target average of 3.5 times. Summer’s challenge is for the whole class to become regular readers. For your afternoon off this time everyone will have to achieve an average of 3.5 or over by the end of term!


100wc has taken a break intill 20th of April

100WC has taken a break untill 20th of April. Keep your eye out for the next 100WC challenge. Let’s see how many people in our class can upload and entry.  Come on lets do it!

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Teri’s fantastic art work…

Teri's art work

You’ve shown some fantastic art skills here Teri.  Well done.


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