Before and after…

 Alana and Alex this is impressive stuff! Just look at the progress you are making with your writing.


Look back at your work from September and see how far you have come Alana.  Not only has your handwriting improved significantly but the quality of your writing and spelling is much better. The structure of your sentences is a lot clearer and you’ve also used some great vocabulary.


From no joins to joins in less than a month. Well done Alex! Keep trying with your presentation. In just a short space of time you’ve already made great progress.


  1. Mrs Butler says:

    This work is very impressive indeed. Fabulous grammar, punctuation and interesting content. This is exactly the kind of writing we need to see in year 5!
    Well done
    Mrs Butler

  2. Mrs Murray says:

    WOW!! I can’t believe that this kind of progress can take place in such a short space of time. Well done to you both for trying your best and keeping a good focus on what you need to achieve – if you keep this up, imagine what is possible by the end of the year.

    Come and see me tomorrow or very soon for a well done – and please bring your books so I can see what you have achieved properly for myself.

    What a credit you are to yourselves and to Year 5!

  3. Alex's mum says:

    So so much better. It’s amazing what you can achieve Alex when you apply yourself. Super proud of you xxxxx

  4. Alex's Dad says:

    Wow! Super proud of you my boy, such a big difference in such a short space of time. Keep it up!

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