Easter Egg Hunt

I woke up on Easter morning and I was really excited because we were having an Easter egg hunt. After I got dressed I raced downstairs to start the hunt. “Go”!!! said mum as me and  my niece and nephew raced to find all of the egg’s. But I couldn’t find the egg so I just left it and in the end all of the eggs collected by my niece and nephew were shared out. After we all went out for dinner in town and I got my face painted as a princess I also saw the Easter bunny (but I know he is not real).Before we went home I went on the fair and I had a go on a really horrifying ride.


  1. Mr London says:

    Great 100WC Teri. You are the only one so far that has uploaded their 100 words. I’m really pleased to see that you’ve used the correct verb-subject agreement with ‘we were’. You’ve also used brackets and some speech, which is good. Remember that the punctuation goes inside the speech marks. You’ve also used an apostrophe in egg’s, which isn’t correct. Apostrophes are used to show possession not for plurals (more than one egg). Horrifying doesn’t quite work here. Can you think of a different adjective?

  2. Mrs Atherton says:

    What Teri, how can you say that the Easter bunny isn’t real! Then who eats the carrot I leave out for him every year?

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