Easter Egg Hunt

I woke up on Easter morning and I was really excited because we were having an Easter egg hunt. After I got dressed I raced downstairs to start the hunt. “Go”!!! said mum as me and  my niece and nephew raced to find all of the egg’s. But I couldn’t find the egg so I just left it and in the end all of the eggs collected by my niece and nephew were shared out. After we all went out for dinner in town and I got my face painted as a princess I also saw the Easter bunny (but I know he is not real).Before we went home I went on the fair and I had a go on a really horrifying ride.


Before and after…

 Alana and Alex this is impressive stuff! Just look at the progress you are making with your writing.


Look back at your work from September and see how far you have come Alana.  Not only has your handwriting improved significantly but the quality of your writing and spelling is much better. The structure of your sentences is a lot clearer and you’ve also used some great vocabulary.


From no joins to joins in less than a month. Well done Alex! Keep trying with your presentation. In just a short space of time you’ve already made great progress.


The 2 week holidays

On the 2 weeks holidays I went swimming with my frends it was very fun because me and my friend bort some batman goggles. We went under water. On Friday I went to the fair with my mum, dad and some of my cuzzens we went on so mutch rides. So that’s where I’ve bin where did you go?

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Fantastic fractions…

These look great, but I’ve spotted two mistakes on the blue display. Can you find them?

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More fraction fun…

Great work.  It’s difficult to read the denominator on the fraction with the numerator 24.  Can anyone tell me what the denominator will be for the fraction to be equivalent to 0.75?

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100wc Week #29

As it is Easter weekend the prompt is:
…but I couldn’t find the egg…
Remember to use only 106 words and do read through your work before you post it to make sure it says what you think it should.
The form will close at midnight on Saturday 26th April.

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Flag frenzy!


Just look how many flags we’ve got!  5L you have a truly global audience.

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Lots of fun interactive times table games…

Visit the Woodlands interactive times table games site for lots of fun ways to improve your quick recall of times table facts.

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Help improve your quick recall of tables…

tables game

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Smashing our reading record

We set our self a challenge to read one hundred times, so that we would get a whole afternoon golden time. So that day everyone brought there reading records in and had all read, so Mr London marked our books, so he could monitor how many times we read all together we had all read 113 times. Now that’s outstanding!

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