A message for parents and carers…

The pupils of Years 4 to 6 invite you to join them this Friday 28th March @9am in the hall as they present the official launch to their very own class blogs.


5L do their bit for waste week 2014

What a great start to Waste Week 2014.  Just look how much rubbish we collected just from our school grounds!  Good work 5L Wombles!


Go on – get rumbled reading!

5L are now determined to achieve their class target to read over 100 times at home in a week before the end of Spring term.  For this to happen we need the whole class to become regular readers.  To help us along the way we have been inspired by Mr P’s #readingselfies and have been snapped reading in school.


Now is your chance to be rumbled reading at home! Your pictures from home will only be add to our gallery of snaps if there is evidence in your reading record that you’ve read the book you’re snapped with.  This week we’ll be monitoring reading records every day to see how we’re getting on. To help us get there we’re looking for as many friends of 5L to be caught reading to inspire the class to read.  You can email your reading selfie to haveleyhey5l.readingselfie@kee.ps to be included in our gallery of snaps. Mr London has also set up a twitter account for @haveleyhey5l so we can spread the word.


Come on 5L.  Give it 110%.  Let’s get rumbled reading!



Sports Relief 2014

Sport relief is brilliant you get to save lives and donate to people in need. It was really fun yesterday me and Bobby were so tired after we did the 3 miles. It was great fun because all of the other people were cheering us on. What a great day!!!

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This week’s 100wc!

This week’s challenge is a little different! You have to answer the following question

Why would you like to be a Night Zookeeper?

Here is an important message from the Night Zoo Keeper

Good evening and welcome to the Night Zoo. Did you know, that
on this planet there are actually two worlds? It’s true. There
is the human world that you see all around you, and the world of the
Night which you have just arrived in for the first time.

I have brought you here, to the gates of the Night Zoo, to help
me defeat the monsters that are attacking the zoo. These monsters come
from the Land of Nilth. A dark land, without any imagination or creativity and the monsters that live there want to destroy the Night Zoo. But we can’t let them! We can’t let them take away this magical world of endless possibilities; of Ice Jungles and Floating Mountains.

I’m the Night Zookeeper and I care for the thousands of magical animals that live here; from Spying Giraffes to Time Travelling Elephants. Together we are all that stands between Nilth and complete domination of the world of the Night.

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Jack and the Beanstalk

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jack. He was playing hide and seek with his friend Bobby in the woods. The next minute Bobby saw a little weed pushing its way through the soggy mud. “Jack I’ve found something coming through the ground” said Bobby.


The weed suddenly began to grow into a gigantic beanstalk, Jack and Bobby started to climb.
Jack and Bobby finally got to the top of the beanstalk and discovered a castle. Bobby slowly opens the door and discovers a princess called Belle lives inside. Jack and Bobby both hear their Mum’s shouting for them so they both slowly, carefully, quietly closed the unique castle door and climbed  down the beanstalk and went to eat their tea.

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Freddy Fit

Freddy Fit was particularly impressed with your performance last week Year 5.  The Sports Leaders did a great job helping out.  A specific pat on the back to the sports leaders from 5L, who apparently were the best sports leaders Freddy Fit has worked with for the 7 years he has been coming to Haveley!  Did you manage to improve your scores this time round?  Why not add a comment, if you were a Sports Leader, and say how you found the role.


Snow White 100wc Oliwia

Once lived a girl named Snow White. One day she found a little cottage in the forest. Snow White wandered in. She needed a rest after a long walk to the forest, as she went inside she scrambled up stairs she discovered 7 mini beds in a large jam-packed room. Meanwhile some dwarves came back from work and wanted to get to sleep as fast as possible. When they found Snow White sleeping in their beds. Once they found out who she was and where she’d come from Snow White lived with them. One day a witch gave her a poised apple and she turned into a… TOAD.


Steve’s Stick

Steve was waiting in London for the tram with his big, sticky stick. “Hurry!” he yelled as he dragged his mum and dad to the tram.

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5L’s Stickosauruses

5L’s Stickosauruses on PhotoPeach