Reading tips

I’m a regular reader so if your not here’s some tips. When you get home read one or two books you don’t have to read 20. Then when you have finished straight away put your reading record back in your bag. Now put your bag near the door so in the morning you DONT forget it. Read every day and BRING IN YOUR READING RECORD!



  1. Mr London says:

    Sage advice here Bobby. If we could get the whole class doing this I know we would easily smash our target. I’m hopeful we’ll get there before half term. Pester power 5L!

    Do not (=don’t) forget apostrophes in contractions!

  2. Mrs Murray says:

    I couldn’t give better advice Bobby. Hope all your classmates are listening. Both you and Kaylee clearly love reading so keep on encouraging and you will get some more regular readers.

    I am a regular reader too. I love nothing more than immersing myself in a good book.

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