Klaudiusz 100wc

When I went to the Night Zoo I saw louds of monsters so I hid in a crusty, rotten house with vines nearly everywere!I went to my friend that puts monsters in jail so I asked him to help me put these scary monsters in JAIL!He gave me a special water gun with water and tiny robots that goes into there skin and destroy the evil bacteria and they turn into a person so we went outside and shoot them and after that the evil world turned into a happy world and the monsters turned into the happy animals.


  1. Mr London says:

    I’m really impressed Klaudiusz. In the free time you had to explore the blog today you’ve chosen to write this piece for the 100WC. It’s a really imaginative piece of writing. It’s great that you have included some higher level punctuation and you’ve also used a 2a sentence. Next time challenge yourself to add an emotion, sentence.

    You are the only person representing 5L this week, so let’s hope you inspire some of your classmates to get writing. You are post 754 on the 100WC website. Good luck!

  2. Cooper N says:

    A watergun with robots sounds like a great way to defeat the monsters! Please read my story http://coopern4d.weebly.com/

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