Come on 5L we need more flags 6S are beating winning. Do what ever you can to get us more flags. Tell your parents to text their friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Come we can beat year six!



  1. Miss Cattrell says:

    Well we have now hit 48 flags, which brings us level with year 6! Keep going guys.. We can do it 🙂

  2. Jake says:

    We now have 70 flags! Well done. We’re beating Miss Straker’s class! Keep it up. I got five flags for us yesterday.

    1. Mr London says:

      Isn’t it fantastic. I don’t think Miss Straker will be happy!

  3. Miss Cattrell says:

    We’ve now hit treble figures at 100!! Does anyone have guess
    on how many we will end up with?

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