Go on – get rumbled reading!

5L are now determined to achieve their class target to read over 100 times at home in a week before the end of Spring term.  For this to happen we need the whole class to become regular readers.  To help us along the way we have been inspired by Mr P’s #readingselfies and have been snapped reading in school.


Now is your chance to be rumbled reading at home! Your pictures from home will only be add to our gallery of snaps if there is evidence in your reading record that you’ve read the book you’re snapped with.  This week we’ll be monitoring reading records every day to see how we’re getting on. To help us get there we’re looking for as many friends of 5L to be caught reading to inspire the class to read.  You can email your reading selfie to haveleyhey5l.readingselfie@kee.ps to be included in our gallery of snaps. Mr London has also set up a twitter account for @haveleyhey5l so we can spread the word.


Come on 5L.  Give it 110%.  Let’s get rumbled reading!



  1. Joshua says:

    Funnyyyy! video mrLondon LOL

  2. Jake says:

    Funny video that should inspire people to read WOW!!! What a great video.

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