The past couple of weeks 5L have all been aiming towards a target for the class to read 100 times in a week all without anyone missing there reading record on Friday or not read at all. If we hit the target we get 90 minutes golden time! We are only looking for the minimum 2 times read or more up to the maximum 10 times read. Last week we hit 136, but some people forgot their reading record. SO BRING YOUR READING RECORD IN ON FRIDAY AND GET READING so we can have golden time for the whole afternoon!


  1. Mr London says:

    What impressive progress 5L! For us to achieve a weekly score of over 100, each of you are reading at least 5 times a week at home on average. Some of you are recording some very impressive scores. I’m very proud of the effort you are all putting in. You will have definitely earned your reward when you get there!

  2. Mrs Murray says:

    Absolutely fantastic news! Jake, it is great to hear you so proud of your class and their efforts. Also important to encourage EVERYONE to get involved. At school we all know how important that TEAM effort is. It really is true that Together Everyone Achieves More.

    I think 90 minutes golden time is a fair swap for all that reading but just as important is the fact that everyone’s reading will be improving!

    You never know 5L, there may be a reward from me for hitting your target too!!

    Well done Jake and the whole class.

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