Naomi 100WC week#19

One ordinary day I woke up as the sun shone on my face. I ran down the long, creaky stairs, my mum and dad were already down stairs my mum said” go and get ready we are going to visit the zoo” So I did, we got into the car and headed of. After a while, we were at the zoo we went to go and see the Gorillas. I went over to see the lonely gorilla and I named it Cookie.


I went to see him every day I laughed at him. Suddenly, crash bang help! I cried. In a flash the zoo keeper came over on a pink, grand bicycle she yelled what’s the matter she looked in to the dark cage and lay on the floor was the gorrila…


  1. Mr London says:

    I hope the gorilla is OK! Well done on including all the 5 words of the prompt this week. I like the story you tell in this 100WC. Remember to double check your writing as I can spot some sentences that aren’t punctuated correctly.

    Well done Naomi. You are number 1188 on the 100WC site. Good luck!

  2. Dayondra says:

    Nice work Naomi. Great vocabulary!

    1. Mr London says:

      Please do not forget two stars and a wish when adding a comment Dayondra.

  3. Naomi says:

    Excellent work Naomi, so much detail to the story. Keep up the good work.


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