Kaylee’S 100WC The Zoo

It was Christmas day.  I had got a bicycle for Chrismas. Mum said she was taking me to the zoo ..I had got. I put on my favourite pink dress with black shoes. When we got to the zoo there was a cage with a sad lonely gorilla with a big, giant stick in his mouth.


I ran over to the cage and read the sign. His name was bob. He had a elegant body with a huge, confident look on his face and his cage was so tidy and grand. He looked at me with a silly face and I laughed. ”I’m going to visit you every day from now,“ I said .


  1. Mr London says:

    Well done for including all 5 words of the prompt Kaylee. I really like your description of the gorilla as having a confident look on his face. Next time make sure you double check your writing before posting. There are some mistakes here I think you could have spotted.

    This has now been uploaded. You are number 1186. Good luck!

  2. Mrs Bradby (Team 100WC) says:

    Kaylee, I agree with Mr London! Your description of the gorilla is very well written. This is exactly how I think a gorilla would look and behave. I think they are elegant creatures but also like to have a bit of fun!

    Well done!

    Mrs Bradby (Team 100wc)
    Surrey, UK

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