Alana B’s 100WC week#19

I woke up this morning and went down stairs for a bowl of cookie crisp. when I went into the kitchen and there was a pink, large gorilla. Mum I screamed she came running down the stairs. What she asked there’s a pink gorilla on a bicycle in the kitchen eating your pizza. My mum put her head round the kitchen door. Ahh…


My mum fainted “mum the gorilla is sat anxiously in the corner of the kitchen . The gorilla was so scared. I went over to him. He was only trying to be friendly the gorilla smiled at me, so I laughed at him. my mum woke up and called the R.S.P.C.A to come to take the loving, grand gorilla back to the gorillarium.



  1. Mr London says:

    Well done for including all 5 words of the prompt this week Alana. That wasn’t an easy task. I’m very impressed that you managed to fit ‘gorillarium’ in there too from the short story Pangbourne. I think that’s a great word. You created a good picture for the reader of the pink gorilla sitting anxiously in the corner of the kitchen. Now try adding a few more exciting sentences in your writing and remember to check that all sentences make perfect sense.

    You are number 1190 on the 100WC site. Good luck!

  2. Naomi says:

    Well done Alana you did great work!

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