100WC The gorilla

“Yes” I yelled staring at the grand, breath-taking house I was going to stay in while at my grandma’s. I leaped into the house throwing my brown, rough coat on the soft carpet. “Hi granny” I bellowed. I scrambled to the wardrobe to unpack. To my surprise in it lay a pink, unique bicycle. Struggling I hauled the bike downstairs .”So fun I laughed. BANG I fell to the floor. Exhausted, worried, confused I hobbled through the green, lush bushes. A shiver ran down my spine. Where was I? Was I safe? Was I lost? My head hit something hard. There in front of me was a gorilla as black as coal…


  1. Mr London says:

    What a great 100WC Oliwia! You’ve included all 5 words of the prompt and as ever you’ve used a good range of effective exciting sentences. I’m really pleased to see the 3_ed and many questions sentences here as I think they really add to your writing.

    This has now been uploaded to the 100WC site. You are number 1185. Keep your fingers crossed!

  2. Miss Straker says:

    Wow! Oliwia this is excellent. I absolutely love you’re cliff hanger ending! Surely this should be showcased? Good luck!

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