Dayondra 100wc week#19

On an ordinary day, I was eating my breakfast. Then I brushed my teeth and put my grand uniform on ready to go to school. I got my bicycle. I opened my door and…


Suddenly all I could see was an aggressive gorilla. Was I dreaming or was this actually happening. “AAGH! Someone help me.” There was a tiny gorilla wearing a pink too “WHOOAH !!!!” too so I laughed. Out of no weir jumped out a 15 foot gorilla and it didn’t look happy at all. “Just my imagination just my imagination, HELP!!!”


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  1. Mr London says:

    Another great 100WC Dayondra. Well done for including all 5 words of the prompt. Sounds like a strange start to the morning! You’ve used some good high level punctuation. Now try adding some more exciting sentences.

    This has now been uploaded. You are number 1180. Good luck!

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