Chester Zoo

Wednesday 26th of February year 5 went to Chester Zoo and had the most amazing time ever. We saw all kinds of tropical creatures and we learnt that cockroaches can walk up glass. I thought it was the best trip ever. The largest snake in the world is an anaconda. If I could go again I would sleep there its that amazing.


Chester Zoo

Yesterday we went to Chester zoo and it was brilliant. I saw amazing animals like apes, snakes, lions, tigers and lots of other animals. First of all my group went to a room where lots of ornaments were and we learnt about the Amazon and how a cockroach blends in an how it doesen’t get eaten from the predator. I learnt about that the largest snake in the world is an Anaconda.

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Chester zoo

On Wednesday we went to the zoo and had a fantastic time! We went into the bat cave and it was very, very dark.  We saw fruit bats!


Mate in Moldova? Brother in Brunei? Friend in Fiji?

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Love writing? Have a go at the 100WC!

Your inspiration or ‘prompt’ for this week is the part of a sentence below. Please remember you must use it in your writing as it is. You can add 100 words to it. The prompt is:

….pushing through the earth….

If you haven’t had a go at the 100WC before, now is your chance! Post your 100 words on your class blog and your teacher will do the rest for you. Have a look at some of the entries that have already been submitted on the site Week#23 for some ideas.  You have until Saturday 1st March. Good luck!

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Visit to Chester Zoo

I can’t wait for our trip next Wednesday to Chester Zoo. I am looking forward to the Amazon Adventure workshop. I was so eager to go, I got my mum to sign my letter straight after school!


Have a look at Oxford Owl…

Oxford Owl Big

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The kings and queens of attendance!

5L enjoying a well earned reward for their very impressive attendance. What a great end to half term!  Have a relaxing break.


My Favourite Day

My favorite day is Friday because we go school in the morning then after school my grandad and grandma take me to football training, then I go to my grandads and play lots of games and have a takeaway then I go bed. I think that’s my best day of the week.

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5L mentioned on the UNICEF Day for Change blog!

5L are famous!  Click on the UNICEF Day for Change: A big thank you! post and scroll down to see our mention.