Bobby 100WC

The bright, hot sun was shining in the large, grand sky, so my family decided to book a hotel room up north for a couple of days. My little sister bought some new, pink shoes for a day like this. We slowly got out of the car admiring the hotels beauty. Oooooo aaarrr suddenly a large gorilla was climbing up the 60 feet tall building. He was launching all kids of things like tvs, plants and most bizar a kids bicycle.ARRR the gorilla was knoking down the hotel and then BOOM “no” my family was crushed. What will happen now? Where will I go?….


  1. Dayondra says:

    Well done Bobby. A fantastic 100 word challenge.

  2. Kate graham says:

    Great work again!!
    Auntie Kate

  3. Cindy graham says:

    Another great piece of work.
    Well done!

  4. Mr London says:

    Good work Bobby another great 100WC entry. You’ve included some imaginative ideas, but I would like to see that you now channel this creativity into a slightly less ‘wacky’ piece of writing. Aim for nearly all the sentences in your piece to be linked around the same theme so your writing has a better flow. More careful checking please too…all ‘kinds’ of things rather than all ‘kids’ of things.

    This has now been uploaded. You are number 1177. Good luck!

  5. Morgan says:

    Well done Bobby amazing!

    1. Mr London says:

      This is good Morgan, but don’t forget two stars and a wish when commenting on someone’s work.

  6. Alana says:

    You included a great description.
    I loved the way you described the 60ft tall hotel.

    Include all of the prompt words next time.

    1. Mr London says:

      Well done for remembering two stars and a wish Alana!

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