Alana B 100WC week#19

I woke up this morning and went down stairs for a bowl of cereal and there was a pink gorilla. I was scared at first then it turned out that the gorilla was friendly because every time I looked at me the gorilla it smiled it also put its big fury arms out to give me a cuddle and it ended up as my best friend I loved him lots. so we laughed and decided to use our green bicycle to ride to school. my gorilla was the best thing ever was more than a grand to me. when rode he me to school I waved good by all ready to see him after my football club

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  1. Mr London says:

    Another great 100WC Alana, but I’m holding back on posting this piece on the site until you’ve made a few changes. Classmates can you help Alana spot what she needs to do to make this entry even better than it already is?

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