Want to know how to write a good comment?

Who doesn’t like a pat on the back for having done something well? Giving and receiving compliments makes us feel good and it’s what writing on a blog is all about. When leaving a comment, as well as saying something positive, always try and offer your advice on how to make a piece of writing better.  Using a format such as giving two good points and one area for development (sometimes called ‘two stars and a wish’) will help you do this.


For more advice on writing comments that will have a real impact, have a look at some excellent suggestions from a pupil at Highlawn Primary School (click here).  Remember to stay safe online we don’t mention anyone’s surname and we don’t link names to any photos or videos.  You don’t have to be logged in to comment.  Just leave your name (e.g. Albert, David’s Grandad) and email address (this doesn’t get posted) in the comment box.  All comments are monitored by teachers first, so don’t be worried about making a mistake.

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