Oliwia’s 100WC week#18

I had just moved in to my new house.  In the garden was a shed. When I looked at the mysterious, unique shed there was a pair of pink, worn out ballerina shoes. I wandered who’s they were so I decided to spend the night in the shed. I got my sleeping bag and snuggled up in my blanket. Then I heard a noise. I crept across the old floorboards to the back of the shed. There in the corner sat a gnome. A garden gnome, I screamed with fright .But then the gnome lifted his head and handed me THE BOOK OF GNOME…


  1. Mr London says:

    Well done Oliwia you are Haveley’s first ever contributor to the 100WC challenge (the 225th link this week)! I am very proud. This is a great entry. What a discovery in the shed! I wonder what is in THE BOOK OF GNOME? I like your repetition of ‘a gnome, a garden gnome’. Perhaps you could have added a show not tell sentence at the end to give the reader just a little bit more information. Maybe ‘But then the gnome, with a broad grin, handed me THE BOOK OF GNOME…’

  2. Miss Straker says:

    Amazing work Oliwia!!! I love that repetition too! Try to use some different pronouns for shed next time.

  3. Naomi says:

    Well done Oliwia your work was outstanding. I loved the way you built up suspense at the end and it maid me want to hear the rest of it. It would be better if you used more imagination.

  4. Alana says:

    Well done Oliwia your work is outstanding:). I can’t wait to see your next piece on the 100wc.:):]

  5. HANNAH says:

    I love your story you commented on mine.

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