Dayondra’s 100WC

One morning, I went downstairs. I made my breakfast and eaten it. I did some boring work. I wait until it was lunch time: I wonder what my lunch was? Finally I could get my hands on the mystery lunch. I got my pack lunch and all I could see was custard. I had some custard then the whole world changed. Everything (exept from me) was custard. Even if I touched something it would turn to custard. Was I dreaming or was this actually happening. If this was actually happening I couldn’t do anything. If this was a dream then I’ll be glad. What if it’s happening. AAGH SOMEONE HELP!


  1. Alana says:

    WWW: You included 100 words.

    EBI: Include ‘the custard tasted like’.

    Good work you should be proud of your self.

    1. Mr London says:

      Well spotted Alana. Be sure to read the prompt instructions carefully Dayondra.

  2. Mr London says:

    What a great first 100WC entry Dayondra! You’ve produced a great, original piece of writing. I love the idea of mysterious, soporific custard with mind altering powers.

    I’m setting you a challenge to find out what ‘soporific’ means and to include it (in context) in the new 100WC. Unfortunately the 100WC had closed when I went to upload your entry, but I promise to add your next piece if you can get it posted by Friday. Remember to double check your writing for mistakes. Your second sentence should read ‘I made my breakfast and ate it.’, but well done for including brackets in this piece.

  3. Mrs Murray says:

    This really made me want to know more, Dayondra, if you can grab the reader in 100 words then you have made a great start to joining in with the challenge. Can’t wait to read your next piece!

  4. Miss Costigan says:

    This is great Dayondra! What a shame it was too late to be entered. I really like that you’ve used brackets – I’m teaching my class to do this at the moment so now I know where to send them for advice. :-)I can’t wait to read your next piece.

  5. Nadia says:

    I loved your piece it was great!!! I also liked the way you put in brackets. AWESOME!!!

  6. Miss Straker says:

    Fantastic work Dayondra – imagine if you really turned into custard!! Try to vary your openers in your next piece to make it even better.

  7. Bobby says:

    Well done it makes me interested in your work and you’ve really shown good imagination. I might magpie your amazing punctuation!

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