Bobby 100WC

The bright, hot sun was shining in the large, grand sky, so my family decided to book a hotel room up north for a couple of days. My little sister bought some new, pink shoes for a day like this. We slowly got out of the car admiring the hotels beauty. Oooooo aaarrr suddenly a large gorilla was climbing up the 60 feet tall building. He was launching all kids of things like tvs, plants and most bizar a kids bicycle.ARRR the gorilla was knoking down the hotel and then BOOM “no” my family was crushed. What will happen now? Where will I go?….


Can you guess where Mr London was this morning?

Watch this space for a very exciting premier league themed reading

project Y5 will be involved in later in the year.

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Meet Pangbourne…


…click on him to hear a short story

by Jane Gardam read by Dame Judi Dench.

Challenge yourself to also include gorillarium

(where the gorillas in a zoo would live) in your 100 words.

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Alana B 100WC week#19

I woke up this morning and went down stairs for a bowl of cereal and there was a pink gorilla. I was scared at first then it turned out that the gorilla was friendly because every time I looked at me the gorilla it smiled it also put its big fury arms out to give me a cuddle and it ended up as my best friend I loved him lots. so we laughed and decided to use our green bicycle to ride to school. my gorilla was the best thing ever was more than a grand to me. when rode he me to school I waved good by all ready to see him after my football club

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Want to know how to write a good comment?

Who doesn’t like a pat on the back for having done something well? Giving and receiving compliments makes us feel good and it’s what writing on a blog is all about. When leaving a comment, as well as saying something positive, always try and offer your advice on how to make a piece of writing better.  Using a format such as giving two good points and one area for development (sometimes called ‘two stars and a wish’) will help you do this.


For more advice on writing comments that will have a real impact, have a look at some excellent suggestions from a pupil at Highlawn Primary School (click here).  Remember to stay safe online we don’t mention anyone’s surname and we don’t link names to any photos or videos.  You don’t have to be logged in to comment.  Just leave your name (e.g. Albert, David’s Grandad) and email address (this doesn’t get posted) in the comment box.  All comments are monitored by teachers first, so don’t be worried about making a mistake.

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New 100WC Week#19

A new 100WC has arrived!  Click here to have a look.  The prompt this week is slightly different.  Your 100 words must include the 5 words below, although they can appear in any order.


Use your ICT skills to make it clear to the reader where the 5 prompt words appear in your text (highlight in bold or underline).  Perhaps look at some other examples on the 100WC site.  Remember you must try and grab the readers attention straight away and leave them wanting to read more.  Use your imagination and most importantly make sure your piece of writing makes sense.  You must re-read what you write before posting.  If it doesn’t make sense or your punctuation isn’t correct, it will not get added to the 100WC site.

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The old wooden shed…

Hi im John moving house to Wythenshawe with my dad. My dad said I could explour the back garden. So i went to the shed that was in the back garden. I ran to my dad and told him there’s a shed in the back. My dad said ”haven’t you ever seen a shed before.” So I want to show you it it looks special.


The mysterious shed

Me and my little brother Kyle went on holiday. We had to sleep in an horrible shed. Kyle went to the toilet. I found a monster called mystery monster. Just then Kyle came back to the shed aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh we screamed. Run I shouted.


3D shapes

I learnt about vertices, edges and faces in the lesson what we did about shapes. It was brilliant. Thank you for teaching us that Mr London.


Blogging is great

I love blogging because it’s an amazing, clever way to get your work around the world. My class blog is great because if you write some work on it you get positive comments and sometimes thing you can improve. My friend posted a piece of writing and it has already had 7 positive comments!

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