Perfect weather for Bikeability


A flying start to Bikeability this morning in glorious sunshine. All the instructors have been really impressed so far.  Well done Year 5.

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PLRS fixture 8: football homepage

What do you think?

Add your comments about the following three websites…

Is the website well organised and easy to navigate?
Does it make you want to read on?
Are the pictures and videos interesting enough?
Is it biased towards a certain football club?
What don’t you like about it?
Are there too many adverts? What are the adverts for?
Does anything confuse you?

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Soaking up the half term rays…

What are you up to this half term?

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Premier League Reading Stars launch


Click here to go straight to the PLRS website to complete the online challenges.


Water Water Everywhere!

20140513_095944 20140513_100342 20140513_100950 20140513_100955 20140513_100912 20140513_100902

Water water everywhere, but it’s a long way from the other side of the playground to get some!

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Oliwia and Nadia’s poem

I had a fly in my eye and it nearly made me cry,

So I went to a guy he said hi and sent me to Dubai

and so I said bye.


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Narrative ending…


Year 5 @ Ghyll Head


Ghyll Head

Just a snapshot of some of the photos so far. I’m sure they’ll be many more to come. What a fantastic time Year 5 are having. You are doing yourselves and Haveley Hey proud. So many great stories to share already and we’ve still another half day to go!

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A happy 10th Ghyll Head birthday…


…celebrating her 10th birthday in style at Ghyll Head!  Hope you had a fantastic day.

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